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god bless nyquil

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flawlessdivaxo: your blog is always so fab😘💖

Thank you <3

Whenever I feel better something turns around and shows me how alone I really am.

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Once upon a time I fell in love.

The kind of sweep you off your feet, kisses leaving you breathless, dancing around your room at 2 am at the thought of having someone so flawlessy incredible loving and wanting you as much as you love and want them. All I want is to relive this perfect weekend I had with him. Planting kisses on his neck with the ocean breeze brushing my hair back, the slight taste of salt on our lips, embracing under the cool night sky. Dancing on city rooftops with the view of a thousand stars and bright traffic, car and building lights behind us, just him and myself spinning barefooted on an endless concrete stage without a care in the world. When I’m with him, nothing else matters.

I’m going to marry this beautiful human being someday.

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